If you are interested in birdwatching Hagi is perfectly located by being a short drive from several good birdwatching spots. Both Húsavík and Mývatn are within a 30min away.

But you don’t need to leave Hagi for a view of some of the rarer species found in Iceland.

We’ve spotted a total of 51 species in and around Hagi. At dusk a Short-eared Owl patrols the area, during the winter the ravens are kept happy by bringing them leftover food, and a Barrow’s Goldeney couple have made the Hagi pond their home for several years and hatch and raise their ducklings there. Taking a walk around the area you can also see various waders, ducks and passerines. The northern-most part of Hagi also contains the nesting ground for the Arctic tern.

This site contains images taken by guests of ours that specialise in wildlife photography and is highly recommended. The images tagged with Aðaldalur are taken in or around Hagi.

Here are some of the pictures that we’ve taken over the years.