Old road from Sandur

dsc_0105A good short sightseeing route not often mentioned in tourist brochures. The route takes you through the 2000 year old lavafield of Aðaldalur and also provides a beautiful example of Icelandic flora. To find the road drive north about 10-15min from Hagi and the road to Sandur, directions:

1. Hagi (0.24 km)
2. Hvammavegur (1.33 km)
3. Aðaldalsvegur (3.98 km)
4. Norðausturvegur (5.07 km)
5. Sandur (5.54 km)

Directions to Sandur

Before you reach the farm called Hellur keep your eye out for a small path at around 65° 57,045’N, 17° 31,420’W. When you find the path follow it slowly back south east; Google map path.